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 IT consulting / We will integrate all software evaluation criteria to provide you with a comprehensive view of your IT system. We will consider the service spectrum and the interaction of individual software components and evaluate the software ergonomics of the user interfaces according to parameters such as:

• Appropriateness for the task
• Conformance with expectations
• Fault tolerance
• Individualisation options
• Self-explanatory properties

You will receive a report that contains all aspects of the evaluation and shows which software strategy is the most efficient for you.

Software integration may be the best procedure to ensure that in future you  can use your data more efficiently and with fewer mistakes and that you only need to capture them once.

The motto "Never change a running system" is to the point. It indicates a certain respect for the effort already made and the possible causes of faults. However, when our IT evaluation shows that software migration has more advantages than further adaptation, you should opt to change your IT system. Sensible migration can save a lot of time and money. We will develop your strategy and implement it jointly with you. We will also use the software migration to streamline your system in a noticeable way:

• Consistent process orientation
• Simplified structures
• Standardised methods and procedures
• Fewer manual interfaces …
• … and a streamlined application landscape

Software concept / A viable software concept directly and without detours? All this in agreement with your IT strategy, based on the latest software technology and compatible with your existing IT environment? The anyvex specialists make it easy for you. We develop your software concept in close cooperation with you, using a documented, iterative process that also allows adaptation during the project. We provide you with all services that guarantee an optimal solution for you - without losing our focus on the overall design.

Software development / We see qualified software development as the best of two worlds: on the one hand, it requires the use of the most innovative software technologies. On the other hand, we have to select the ideal instruments to provide a measurable benefit for the customer. Our method seamlessly integrates the implementation of the applications, i.e. the actual development of the software, into a general software development process. We are experts with many years of experience derived from many projects with structured concepts and open methods, which we have performed for many prestigious industrial companies.

GUI design / The "feel" of software package is essential for its acceptance by the users. For this reason, we will obviously design the user interface in an optimal way according to the requirements. We often provide detailed suggestions directly after the analysis of the use cases during the planning phase, so that we can simulate meaningful work processes and input sequences and investigate the usefulness of the GUI component jointly with our customer. We further have the competence to design the user interface in a way that makes it attractive. Many of our front ends are used as reference products by our customers and have been displayed at trade fairs.

Project management / External project management can provide many advantages. A neutral and objective view from the outside helps you implement your project in an interdepartmental manner, independently of individual interests and according to a common vision. External project management is always focused on overall project and higher-level goals. We remain your partner, even when the tasks are very extensive and integrate all internal and external participants. Our controlling unit will inform you about the current status and ensure that costs and schedules are adhered to.

Each project requires staff interviews. It requires accurate IT stock taking, an analysis of the current state of your IT structure and the development of project requirements. Once all these aspects have been fully defined, we will provide a feasibility and profitability analysis and project implementation can commence, with the following phases:

• Risk planning
• Budgeting
• Reservation of resources
• Structuring the project into sub-sections
• Compilation of IT, specialised, overview and detailed concept
• Definition of new, optimised business processes

Our experience shows that large projects require project coordination. The project coordinator maintains continuous information exchange with all project participants and ensures that everybody is integrated and understood. He recognises hidden problems and helps to find viable solutions. It requires high social competence to stimulate collegial cooperation in the project team and to overcome faults in a productive way.

In our role as external consultants, we will gladly negotiate the project goal and budget with the end customers and suppliers at your request - from project controlling to quality assurance and verification of the goal achievements for milestones - from the coordination of integrated project parts to the acceptance deadlines. We coordinate, verify and document all sub-tasks for you - to ensure excellent results.